The best LED TVs in the test
LED TVs are in favor of the buyer in front - a small enclosure thickness and typically speak for the low power consumption devices. Here you will find the best models of different size classes in the test.

Currently, one of the best TV: The precious LED TV Samsung UE46D8090 is just an inch thick. led tv
LED TVs will prevail:
New LCD TVs always have more LEDs (light emitting diodes) as light source - colloquially these devices are also called LED TVs. But these are not a new category of TVs rather they just have more LEDs than their previous version LCD which had liquid crystal display along with very few LEDs.

Edge LED: Pros and Cons
There are two modes for televisions with LEDs: The first when has a small lamp mounted in the outer edge of the LED which radiate towards the center of the screen. This is the Edge LED technology, which has the advantage that it can produce television with only two to three centimeters in depth. Some devices can also change sections, the brightness of the LEDs. This offers advantages in contrast . The controllable sections of the screen, however, are quite large. Disadvantage of Edge LED: If the brightness distribution does not work perfectly then unevenly illuminated areas may occur on the edge.

Direct LED: Pros and Cons
The other technique which has several small LED lights spread across the screen is called direct or full LED. In many of these devices, the television electronics controls the LEDs groups to represent smaller or larger parts of the image. This allows an even higher contrast ratio than the Edge LED devices can reach. Since the image quality depends on several factors, a direct-LED TV might not better than a normal LCD TV. Disadvantage Direct LED: The devices are generally expensive.

Optimize your TV 70 recommendations LED TVs in the test
The best flat-panel televisions with LEDs, see the leaderboards - the devices are marked with the suffix "(LED)". As you can see there are many good models place among the best TVs with LED technology though - are on the front ranks but just as conventional LCD or plasma TVs. "leaderboards flat-panel televisions

Top equipment recommendations with LED
The affordable Edge LED devices Samsung UE32D6200 and Samsung UE32D6500 (similar but with extremely narrow frame and USB Recording) gave a great performance in the test, and are among the best TVs in the 80-centimeter class. A 32-inch screen is a bit small anyway for optimal 3D experience. There is also the devices 37, 40, 46 and 55 inches. Because the test results can be transferred to other variables within a TV series, these models are a recommendation. A good Edge LED alternative is the Philips series PFL7606K. In the test of the 42-inch device Philips 42PFL7606K convinced itself almost across the board, offering a complete equipment - but with a little more complicated operation for the special features. And Philips 46PFL9706K that boasts a currently unique screen surface without disturbing reflections. According to manufacturers, some LCD TVs would be coming soon in the market with only LED technology and the production costs would fall further because the devices would be produced in higher quantities. Whether the more distant future belongs to the so-called OLED TVs remains to be seen. In these very expensive and only available small TV models, there are pixels of mini-lights in red, green and blue, which provides a angle-independent, high-contrast image.


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